• Transcend The Game with Curtrice

    Self Development & Self-Mastery


  • The Resilient Mind Course

    6-week Personal Transformation Course & Activation with Curtrice Goddard

    This time on the planet is calling for your fully empowered and radiant self.
    Activate your true power with Daily Practices, Intuitive Guidance, and Conscious Community.

    Are you ready to lead from a place of empathic POWER?


    A Person Transcending The Game:

    • Understands that liberation must  happen within to create impact in the outer world 

    • Is a Power-keeper, prioritizes thier personal development, and leads consciously  

    • One who is magnetic & influential through your high/liberated vibration thus attracting solutions, people, and support to further your mission

    • Championing & BEing an example of change, creating a legacy thus transforming systemic racism in the external world. Creating a better world for ALL.

    • Developing Mastery in creating the life they envision beyond circumstances

    Self-mastery is the game-changer.

    Dear Powerful People- you can shift anything in your life.

    When you become the master of your mind and align fully with your spirit you will master your life.

    Allow yourself to show up fully and guide your life and projects from a place of pure- expansive empowerment.

    Be in service to the call of your spirit and the vision in your heart-prepare your mind, body, actions, and intentions to serve your greatest purpose. 

    This work is social justice work. 

    Welcome to your practice-I am honored you are here.

    Let’s shake the world together. CG

  • Lesson Overview

    In my earlier studies, I was always taught to seek & treat the root cause, through intuitive development, I am able to sense & see beyond the surface.
    The power of my work is just that....a deep dive into personal freedom.
    A lot of fear, unsureness, the tendency to shrink in life is often linked to our history,
    we now have the opportunity to illuminate, heal and transcend it all.

    The Resilient Mind Course

    Week 1: Receiving The WORK-Identity Anatomy. 

    -Erasing the identity America has given then reclaiming the TRUE identity
    -Mindset therapies & processes to call back your power from traumatic expereinces
    -Perspective shift- step into your rightful place within yourself and in society
    -Brain pathway reorientation: dislodge any embedded subtle victim stories of we/I can't get up (feelings of stuckness in life)
    -Activate & Uplevel your wellness plans & rituals

    Week 2: Resiliency as leverage -Dismantle mental & energetic cords connected to the " racism program".

    -Dismantle the subliminal messaging and psychic mental cords within the culture and generational trauma patterns
    -Discernment practices, discovering where subtle programming is being fed to you daily and how to mindfully move beyond it
    *Receive processes to implement into your life that keep you mentally and energetically energized, strong, clear, inspired, and productive.


    Week 3: Embody more of your personal power and spiritual strength (releasing the veil of energetic & spiritual exhaustion and de-motivation)

    -Moving out of resistance and into influence
    -Stay out of the dirt-Introduction to daily Energetic hygiene
    -Implement your daily Mental Nourishment practice
    -Discover core blocks, how to shift them and what you are meant to learn from it as you release it


    Week 4: Healing Support-Activate your Internal Liberation

    Heal the heart- become free of resentment, fear, and any lower vibrational energies towards the history of black America. This is a process, you’ll receive a 4 point system to practice for ongoing support.
    *This module is a live group call session


    Week 5: True Leadership: Raising & Sustaining Your energy

    -Develop your North Star, your WHY, and commit to walking towards it
    -Learn how to activate your mission from a high-vibe, effective and magnetic standpoint
    -The balanced scales exercise
    -Mentally & energetically align with your mission
    -Identity check-Peers & Mentors exercise to create a vibrational shift

    Week 6: Activate Your Mission Week: Become magnetic with your message and mission to make a global impact.

    -Individual vision strategy session with Curtrice ( $250 value)
    (Includes, resources, and community support)
    -how to create & hold the energetic container for your work
    - The anatomy of taking conscious actions
    - responding instead of reaction, learn conscious ways to be active, and show up for yourselves and others without giving your power away


    *After the 6-week curriculum- you will be invited to enter into a 2-week immersive challenge as we deepen all you learned & discovered by LIVING it and staying accountable- your greatest transformation will always be through real-life experiences- this method of embodying the work cultivates unshakable core confidence within you, and level of consciousness that cannot be touched-so you may know your true power, beauty, and essence in this world.
    *the 2-week challenge is at no cost to course participants.
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    Resilient Mind Course

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  • Your Facilitator & Guide

    Curtrice Goddard-Founder of expanSHEn Lifestyle Co. Transcendence Institute and Transcend The Game Social Justice Platform

    Curtrice Goddard is a Spiritual Teacher, Personal Transformation Guide, Transcendent Speaker, and mentor to women in leadership, she brings over 15 yrs of spiritual, wellness, consciousness studies. Her expertise spans leadership development, holistic health, emotional trauma healing, western herbal medicine, and traditional naturopathic medicine, social justice initiatives, and business strategy. Her mastery lies in bringing empowering perspectives, passion, and innovation to self-development and spiritual teachings as a catalyst to support and equip people with the tools to transcend limitations in their lives. She has developed and directed a variety of successful programs for clients and organizations covering leadership, mindset growth, wellness, leadership development, strategic thinking, personal resilience, and personal transformation. Her programs incorporate, mindfulness, experiential learning, spiritual counsel, transcendentalism, mindset therapies, and holistic mind-body practices.

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  • Client Experience

    Erica Lewis-

    Author, INN Health Practitioner & Commercial Real Estate Developer

    A small tagline

    Prior to my first session with Curtrice, I found myself "sitting idle" on my dream and life purpose...feeling I needed to further prepare myself for my mission. My time to take full action was nowhere in sight. Curtrice helped to "shatter" my path to resistance and ignite a fire in me that has not ceased. I am now preparing for my successful business launch in September and am building a wonderful team. Every day the goal gets closer and closer and my excitement is growing as I complete relevant business tasks daily. Curtrice's huge laugh and genuineness accompany her powerful influence, confidence and knowledge,all transferable to her clients if they dare to receive it. Her messages on increase, abundance, and propelling oneself forward and daring not only to dream but to have the audacity to act on the dream, are powerful and impactful!


    Yvette D’nae-Leadership Coach & Kambo Practitioner

    A small tagline

    “I remember the night I met Curtrice, she had this super magnetic energy happening. I could tell that she was walking the walk of being a super potent woman. I knew I HAD to have her as my coach. I can honestly say not only do I feel like a totally different person, my life has changed dramatically since working with Curtrice. I’ve gone from feelings of lack and stuckness to full on Fired Up Empowerment and quickly too! I remember being caught up in my circumstances and allowing that to define me. Now.. I know who I truly BE and I do the work to embody that energy every single day…no matter what is happening around me. From the very first session, she shared her very powerful tools and questions that have helped me shift my perspective and open me up to the possibilities available to me, to all of us. What a blessing it has been to work with this powerhouse of a woman!”

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