• Your Consciousness is

    The Game-Changer


  • The Resilient Mind Course

    Your 6-week Personal Transformation Course

    Do you want to strengthen the culture while expanding and healing your own life?

    The Resilient Mind course is your StarGuide on your journey to activating your true power within.
    As we rise in this work, you transform your life and the culture rises and shifts massively.

  • Welcome to The Seat of Your Power.

  • Sis, to impact culture, and elevate your life you must BUILD your inner foundation and expand your consciousness.

    Simple, yet profound-Our Conscious is the Game-Changer.


    I work with female Leaders, Activist, and Creatives in strengthening

    their spirit, expanding thier minds, healing, and remembering who they are in the highest sense of the self.


    We work in 4 transformational phases over 6 weeks

    Wellness as an activation

    (dissolving anxiety, depression, self-esteem/love, and strengthening physical & mental well being)

    Mindset- for transformation & conditioning

    (shifting limited perceptions, disempowering thoughts, stories, and self-image)

    Spiritual for emotional healing & strengthening

    (transformational healing, build internal stability, fulfillment, activate personal power)

    Business/Education/Creative projects for personal expression/mission

    (align with your mission your passion, heart's desire and gain legacy in the world)


    Who you are, how you think, your perception of yourself, and your conscious actions in life shape your world

    and impact our greater world.


    With this powerful INNER foundation in place, you will be able to step out of negative patterns in life and

    approach your life with grace, personal power and inspired action


    struggle, feeling defeated, depressed, overwhelmed, stuck in patterns, or exhausted.

    This work is also the medicine to disrupt the cycle the culture has been in for literal decades.


    We recognize we are leading this world, not reacting to it.


    Our response to any imbalance in the world is to BUILD.

    BUILD ourselves,

    BUILD Community,

    BUILD Legacy.



    A snapshot into my personal story; I drop out of what was considered one of the worst high schools in Detroit MI, struggled with depression in my 20's and found myself unemployed & on government assistance in 2011, and was diagnosed with 18 uterine fibroids on my uterus. STRESSED.

    I responded to these challenges by becoming resilient, changing the narrative, and healing & developing myself.

    I unplugged from the mainstream world and begin to heal & dismantle every lie of unworthiness, pain,

    betrayal, and lack that was living within me.

    I healed my womb, my body, my mind, and my spirit and create the life I always knew I was worthy of, a life of wellness, beauty, community, prosperity, and internal & external FREEDOM!

    I became self-educated, self-made, and self-assured.

    Sis, you can step into this vibration too!


    If you are feeling stuck in your patterns, self-doubt, lack & struggle consciousness,

    this course will help you shift these areas of your life, Elevate & Evolve your life.


    This is the most impactful work you can invest in at this time.

    Let's. Get. It.

  • I'm ready to join!

    Build Your Inner Foundation

    for greater resiliency & expansion.

    Resilient Mind Course

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    Resilient Mind Course

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    Resilient Mind Course

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  • Course Overview

    Week 1: Establish Your Foundational Pillars 

    (Design your daily sacred routines and rituals)


    -Intuitive Wellness Resource Guide

    -Daily Mental Nourishment Practice

    -Create Your Manifesting & Embodiment Goals

    -Daily Energy hygiene practice


    Week 2: The New Narrative Experience 

    (Re-write Your Narrative Healing Practice)

    -Alchemize trauma, blocks and dissolve patterns that are no longer serving

    -Dismantle subliminal messaging and psychic mental cords within your culture, family,

    generational trauma patterns, etc. ( inner child influence)

    -Create the new vision for your life & business


    BONUS #1-Schedule your private session with Curtrice


    Week 3: Resilience as leverage:

    (Release energetic & spiritual exhaustion and de-motivation)


    -Mindset therapies to move into a deep acceptance of the self; create inner stability & internal power

    -Learn how to surf the waves of change, pressure, and uncertainty in your life without

    blame, guilt, ruminating over the past, and self-deprecating thoughts.

    -Ignite your wisdom- learn to receive your wisdom messages

    stabilize your vibration and mindset


    Week 4: The Liberated Spirit

    (Develop your energetic personal leadership-the game-changer)

    -Start your immersive assignments

    -Heart Alchemy- Clearing the Energy within the Culture

    -The Art of manifestation & embodiment of your vision; creating life fulfillment

    -Embody the energy of Empowered Influence in your life vs Victim or Marter or stuck energy


    Week 5: The Seat of Power- from hope to knowing- Going deeper!

    (The seed of transformation)


    -Developing unshakable Spiritual Core Confidence

    Spiritual Warriorship-sitting with Fear

    -The balanced scales exercise

    *Gain deeper clarity on your gifts and medicine for the world and commit to walking towards it



    Week 6:  Activation & Integration-Your expression, activated purpose, and creativity

    (Become magnetic with your message and mission for global impact.)

    *Learn intuitive techniques to streamline your project and/or creation

    Practical organizing and prioritizing the next cycle in your life

    *Develop your 30-day project/biz strategy

    -Learn how to activate your mission from a high-vibe, effective and magnetic standpoint

    -Mentally & energetically align with your mission
    BONUS #2
    *After the 6-week curriculum, you will be invited to enter into a 2-week Higher Perspective as a Lifestyle challenge! We will deepen all you learned & discovered by LIVING it and staying accountable- your greatest transformation will always be through real-life experiences- this method of embodying the work cultivates unshakable core confidence within you, and a level of consciousness that cannot be destroyed
    so you may know your true power, beauty, and essence in this world.
    *the 2-week challenge is at no cost to course participants.
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  • The Founder & Your Guide

    Curtrice Goddard-Founder of expanSHEn Lifestyle Co. Transcendence Institute and Transcend The Game Social Justice Platform


    Curtrice Goddard is a Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, and Transformation Coach in Los Angeles California, a native of Detroit MI. She is the founder of expanSHEn Lifestyle Co. & Transcendence Global Institute- a personal transformation company, and inclusive online community cultivating social transformation by providing personal development, trauma healing, and wellness resources to a global community. Transcendence hosts inclusive conversations and initiatives focused on bridging the gap and creating social transformation through raising consciousness in our global world. Curtrice leads by sharing that to create sustainable change in our world our work must begin at the level of individual consciousness. With over 15 yrs in the spirituality, personal development and wellness industry, her expertise spans leadership development, holistic health, emotional trauma healing, energy medicine, social transformation, and business development. Her mastery lies in bringing her wisdom, empowering perspectives to self-development, and spiritual teachings as a catalyst to help people transcend limitations in their lives and step into thier full empowered version of themselves.

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  • Client Experience

    Erica Lewis-

    Author, INN Health Practitioner & Commercial Real Estate Developer

    A small tagline

    Prior to my first session with Curtrice, I found myself "sitting idle" on my dream and life purpose...feeling I needed to further prepare myself for my mission. My time to take full action was nowhere in sight. Curtrice helped to "shatter" my path to resistance and ignite a fire in me that has not ceased. I am now preparing for my successful business launch in September and am building a wonderful team. Every day the goal gets closer and closer and my excitement is growing as I complete relevant business tasks daily. Curtrice's huge laugh and genuineness accompany her powerful influence, confidence and knowledge,all transferable to her clients if they dare to receive it. Her messages on increase, abundance, and propelling oneself forward and daring not only to dream but to have the audacity to act on the dream, are powerful and impactful!


    Yvette D’nae-Leadership Coach & Kambo Practitioner

    A small tagline

    “I remember the night I met Curtrice, she had this super magnetic energy happening. I could tell that she was walking the walk of being a super potent woman. I knew I HAD to have her as my coach. I can honestly say not only do I feel like a totally different person, my life has changed dramatically since working with Curtrice. I’ve gone from feelings of lack and stuckness to full on Fired Up Empowerment and quickly too! I remember being caught up in my circumstances and allowing that to define me. Now.. I know who I truly BE and I do the work to embody that energy every single day…no matter what is happening around me. From the very first session, she shared her very powerful tools and questions that have helped me shift my perspective and open me up to the possibilities available to me, to all of us. What a blessing it has been to work with this powerhouse of a woman!”

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