• Curtrice R. Goddard

    Spiritual Mentor, Transformation Coach, Transcendent Speaker


  • QUEEN UP! Your Diet

    QUEEN UP! Your Diet Registration is Open.

    May 7th at 11 am pst/2 pm est

    2 hr Transformational Class

  • Welcome Powerful People.

    Let's TRANSCEND The Game.

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    Consciousness is the Game Changer

    Join Curtrice Goddard & Kerri Hummingbird in a riveting and transformational conversation on the power of consciousness to dissolve racism in our collective reality.


    Catalyze social transformation through this evolutionary lens to further your
    en-LIGHTen-ment and strengthen the impact of your Leadership.



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    Transcend The Game

    Monthly Workshop

    Transcending Racism

    This is a Transformational workshop on the Power of Your Consciousness.


    We explore the importance & impact of Black America cultivating an energy, self-perception, and self-identity shift.


    We will dive deep into the true GAME-CHANGER required to catalyze our community and the global world to a new place and transform lives.


    During our time together I will share my personal story of how Transformation work healed my heart, supported me in transcending limitations, and expanded my life.


    It lead me on a path to discover my True Self; the undeniable, immovable core confidence rooted in the realization of god consciousness.


    In this workshop you will learn how to mentally, energetically, and physically transform, transmute, and tranced barriers in the areas of:


    Self-esteem / Identity

    Career, Finances & Life Purpose

    Health & Wellbeing


    *Opens Sept 2023
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    Transformational Activism


    Fuel The Power of your Activism

    Join me for mindset therapies, spiritual resilience development, and conscious expansion tools to fuel your activism.


    There is energy, wisdom, and internal power greater than the constructs and narratives of this world. We are not bound by history, imbalances, or other people’s projections. We are free, despite circumstances, with the capacity to cultivate change & impact future generations.


    This is an 8-week journey liberating the mind & spirit to directly impact your personal journey, initiatives & Activism projects.


    *Opens November 2023
  • Transcendent Social Justice


    Your Self Development IS Social Justice Work!

  • Stay connected, let's expand together!

  • Founder. Guide. Teacher.

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    Curtrice R. Goddard

    Curtrice R. Goddard is a Spiritual Mentor, Mindset Mastery Teacher, Personal Transformation Coach, Transcend The Game™️ keynote speaker, and author, She coaches women in leadership with practical, life-tested ideas, concepts, and frameworks to elevate their impact and create lasting legacies.


    Curtrice's career spans over 15 yrs of spiritual & consciousness studies and immersive experience, including Traditional Naturopathic Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Energy Healing, and Mindset therapies.


    Her mastery lies in bridging her intuition, empowering wisdom, self-development tools, and spiritual knowledge to help people transcend limitations in thier life, FREE themselves from pain & suffering and liberate their lives.

  • Build, Heal & Expand